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Newlyweds Cinema was founded by a brother/sister team motivated by their love of storytelling.

Our goal is to create emotionally engaging, visually captivating narrative films. We believe in the magic that comes from a great film and we’re inspired by what happens when people gather to celebrate: the laughter, the joy, the tears. Bringing all of this together into your wedding film is a form of visual poetry we’re honored to spend our lives creating.

Meet the Team




Nick started making films as a precocious middle schooler. His first film was a documentary he made with his buddies. Even then, he was interested in love & life: the lead topic of this epic documentary was dating advice. Since then, he has worked on all sorts of filmmaking projects & creative endeavors, including short films, commercials, marketing videos, educational content and more. When he’s not holding a camera, Nick likes to listen to podcasts while eating Chipotle. Someday he would like to own everything Tesla makes. 




Holiday started with Newlyweds Cinema on Day One when Nick brought her on board to learn the ropes. She quickly learned why he loved it so much and was hooked, and now serves as their Lead Editor. She’s no stranger to the classics, as growing up with Nick meant sharing screen time and switching from the latest Disney movie to the newest adventure flick. Her all-time favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. When Holiday is not busy being Nick’s little sister, she likes to watch Judge Judy and Live PD. If you’re surprising her with concert tickets, you can’t go wrong with tickets to see Muse.

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