The Origin Story



Welcome to Newlyweds Cinema!

Founded by a brother and sister who's love for the cinema has turned into a profession.

Growing up together they both LOVED movies, but being brother and sister, they had different taste in genre. Holly loved Disney and romantic movies. Nick leaning more towards adventure and action films. They only had one television at the time, so they learned about sharing that one TV. However, they found themselves watching one another's movies together and actually enjoying them. Nick was introduced to Mean Girls and thought it was funny. Holly couldn't deny the leading men in the actions movies were HOT, so that kept her attention. Years would go by and Nick would begin making his own movies at an early age of 13. Casting his friends as the stars of the movies. Studying religiously from the masters before. Fast forward 15 years, Nick has written, produced, directed and acted in over 50 of his own short films. Naturally one day Nicks childhood friend Alan reached out to the rising filmmaker and asked if he could film his wedding. Nick of course accepted opportunity and enlisted his sister Holly to assist him the day of the wedding. After that Newlyweds Cinema was born and they've been loving every minute of it.

"We're believers in the art of story telling and our couples have beautiful stories to be told. We

craft each personalized film determined to bring back the magic for our couples. As their wedding day is the beginning of a legacy".


"Weddings are the beginning to a new chapter in your life. Although that is true, we believe a wedding day is more then that. It’s a day filled with moments of celebration, laughter and tears. The support of your closest loved ones who have made an impact on your lives, who stand by your side and support you on such a monumental day. The start of a legacy and a moment in time you'll cherish forever".









Holly and Nick Faldstein


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